Olson Chiropractic Services in Hobart IN

Chiropractic to the Me and the Services I Provide

The main focus in our clinic here in Hobart, IN is to provide to our patients the meaning of health and how to achieve it.  This is done by educating the patient from Day 1 that their body is a dynamic, self-healing, self-regulating system controlled by their nervous system.  To constantly remind them that loss and gain of health is a process not an event.  To make them realize they are not having to get rid of something they have and don’t want but to wanting something they don’t have and need which is their health.  It is allowing them to realize that the physical, chemical and emotional stresses in their life are what overwhelms their nervous systems and starts the cascade of events which deteriorates their health.

Teach Before Touch

The initial orientation is our way of educating patients on what chiropractic is and is not. This will help you ensure that you make the right decision as to the care you are seeking and the expectations of the doctor in order to start care.

How well do you handle stress?  Our NASA based scan can tell you.

Initial history and exam using NASA based Insight Millennium to determine the cause of neural dysfunction and to determine how well your body can handle stress.  (To include x-rays as necessary.)

What Techniques are Used?

There are a few different adjustment techniques that are practiced in our clinic and all are non-invasive and gentle on our patients.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great compliment to your chiropractic care.  We offer a massage therapist in our clinic.

Nutritional Consults

We can help you implement easy nutritional options that fit into your lifestyle and help you achieve overall wellness.


As part of your care, we help you to understand the effects that stress can have on your nervous system and how chiropractic care can have a positive effect in helping your nervous system handle it and help you to achieve overall health and wellness.



Geared to balance the nervous system and help you understand what exercises are right for you and your fitness goals.

Teaching Patients

We love to educate all of our patients on the benefits of chiropractic care and how it can benefit you in your overall wellness goals.  Once you start experiencing the benefits of care, you will be able to go out and educate your loved ones so they can experience the same wonderful benefits that you are.

Foot Levelers

If needed, foot levelers (a/k/a Orthotics) are a great addition to your care and we offer them in our clinic.  The pain free scan is done in clinic and if they are needed we can have them shipped directly to the clinic within a week.

We use NASA based technology to evaluate the major components of the nervous system.  By understanding the nervous system, we can see how the system is adapting to physical, chemical and emotional stress in our patient’s life.  Keep in mind it is these stresses that overwhelm the nervous system which cause stress to the muscle system which then effects the bones of the spine and body.  In chiropractic care we call these subluxations.


We also use x-ray to evaluate the structural integrity of the spine.  We look for abnormalities as well as congenital anomalies so we have a better idea of how long the process of subluxation has been affecting the system.  In doing so we can make better recommendations of care for our patients.  


We also make specific recommendations on exercise, diet and mental stress control as these are the factors that contribute to the nervous systems ability to adapt.  By teaching our patients a healthier lifestyle (moving, eating and thinking well) they can keep themselves functionally better outside the office so they don’t have to be in the office as frequently.


We also have a massage therapist that can help with the initial pain phase of care as well as teaching people to stretch properly.  Once a patient has achieved wellness status, we can use massage to help with maintaining wellness as necessary and they can also take time out for themselves for mental stress control.


Providing chiropractic care is a passion here not a job.  To be able to assist in helping the human body obtain wellness without drugs or surgery and to see so many people have a better quality of life is truly amazing to witness.  Providing this service to the community is my motivating factor and will continue to be for years to come, God willing.