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Have you ever known a child who has been diagnosed with, or is suspected to have ADHD? Let’s kick things off with a quiz. True or false, ADHD and ADD are different conditions? They answer is false. They are the same. ADHD is the acronym for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADD is older terminology for the same thing. ADHD is thought to be caused by an overactive nervous system, combined with a decrease in the brain’s ability to filter sights, sounds, thoughts, and emotions. The brain chemical dopamine may play a role. Dopamine’s job is to help regulate sleep, mood, attention, and learning.

True or false? ADHD is 100% hereditary. False! It’s stated that ADHD is largely hereditary, yet other causes can play a role. What are they? Stay tuned! Could an overactive nervous system of brain chemical abnormalities be fixed? If medication comes to mind, great news. There are drug-free answers. Why is drug-free so important? Children with ADHD are often prescribed Ritalin, a psychotropic drug with side effects similar to cocaine. Effects of Ritalin can include permanent brain damage. Parents should ask themselves this. Is ADHD caused by being born with a lack of Ritalin in the body? Of course not! Therefore, adding it to the body does not truly fix the cause.

What are some natural ways to help? To answer that, let’s start with a quick anatomy lesson. The body, first of all, is controlled by nerves. Quiz time! True or false? The brain is part of the nervous system. True! The brain is a component of the central nervous system, also known as the CNS. The CNS includes the brain and spinal chord. Cool Fact, the other part of the nervous system, which includes all nerves outside the CNS, is called the peripheral nervous system. If the nervous system is weak, the production and function of brain chemicals can be abnormal. What weakens the nervous system? Very often, a spinal subluxation. Subluxation, what’s that? A subluxation is a condition is which a spinal segment is out of alignment with the adjacent segment.

Nerves, which branch off of the spinal cord, no longer properly work. Can removing subluxation help relieve symptoms of ADHD? Yes. Once subluxations are gone, the brain and the nerves can function better. What are other possible causes of ADHD? The following environmental and dietary factors have shown likely links: Pesticides, produce should always be washed. Food dyes, sugars and preservatives, aluminum found in the hepatitis vaccine, fetal exposure to alcohol, fetal exposure to tobacco, lead.

A Warning for parents, an ADHD diagnosis may be incorrect. ADHD may be mistakes for one of the many conditions that mimics it. ADHD is diagnosed by observation of symptoms, not scientific testing. Conditions that may mimic ADHD include hypoglycemia, allergies, learning disabilities, thyroid abnormalities, hearing or vision difficulties, diabetes, heart disease, and anemia. Do you have a friend or loved one who’s child suffers with ADHD or a similar condition? Ask your chiropractor for your copy of ADHD information to pass along to your loved ones, so that their child can finally find relief and live the life they’ve always imagined. You can help changes someone’s life. What could feel better than that? Every child comes s with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.

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