How to Boost Your Immune System

Find out how to boost your immune system with your Olson Chiropractic

Dr. Mark Olson your Olson Chiropractic has been helping children and adults boost their immune system for years. If you or anyone you know is suffering from a weakened immune system call Dr. Olson at 219-942-3049 and find out how to boost your immune system naturally.

Have you ever known anyone who constantly run down or sick? One thing you can be sure of, germs are not to blame. What? How is that possible? I thought we get sick from germs? Believe it or not, no. What makes the body sick is not a germ itself, but a weakened immune system unable to fight the germs. Million of germs exist around and within us at all times. If the germ theory were correct nobody would be alive. Did you know that you’re born with the immune system already knowing what to do? No instruction manual needed.

Let’s play Jeopardy. Answer this, it’s the type of cell utilized by the immune system. Hint: It’s not a red blood cell, it’s a… White blood cell. When the immune system recognizes an antigen it triggers white blood cells to produce an antibody. The antibody kills the antigen so that the body cannot be harmed. Once an antibody has formed, it lasts many years and often forever. Now, you may be wondering, “Isn’t this what vaccines are for? To give the body immunity so you don’t get sick.” Vaccinations are called immunizations, bit they’re not the same thing.

The only true immunity is that which the body builds naturally through overcoming disease. Did you know there is a reason for childhood diseases? They’re designed by nature on purpose so the immune system is challenged and grows strongly early on. Wow. Per design of the human body, the immune system needs no help from drugs. It needs only no interference. Interference? What does that mean? The immune system is controlled by nerves. Nerves come from the spine. If the spine in misaligned, interference to the nerves occurs. The immune system then becomes weak. It’s called a spinal subluxation. Exactly why chiropractic adjustments are critical. They remove subluxation so the nerves and immune system can function.

Let’s play another round of Jeopardy. Answer this, this natural substance given to a baby beginning day one is an extremely powerful immune system builder. Hint: It’s produced by the mother’s body. What is breast milk. The immunity a baby gains as a result of breast milk lasts the baby’s entire lifetime. Do you have a friend or loved one who is constantly getting sick? Ask your chiropractor for a copy of immunity boosting information to pass along so that your loved one can finally find relief and live the life they imagine. You can help change someone’s life. What feels better than that?

The fever, inflammation, coughing, et cetera, constitute the healing process. Just get out of their way and permit them to complete their work. Don’t try to aid nature, she doesn’t need your help. She only asks that you cease interfering. Herbert M Sheldon.

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